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Wubbels & Duffy

Certified Public Accountants, are people who are dedicated financial professionals of the United States of America and who have spent a good deal of their academic career studying and passing the stringent Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination. These professionals have, strived to meet and have met additional state education and experience requirements for their license to operate as a CPA. CPAs are the only professionally licensed people to provide the public, attestation which includes auditing and opinions on financial statements. While CPAs are known by the general public in part for their tax expertise and for maintaining the accounts books of small organizations, they are uniquely educated for the attestation function discussed above.
Wubbels & Duffy are a full-service San Jose CPA firm. They specialize in the needs of startups and closely held companies. As well, Wubbels & Duffy guide their individual clients in handling many of the complex issues that arise with regard to executive compensation, investments, real estate, estate planning, and other areas.
In tax planning when clients are granted Incentive Stock Options, there is no tax effect for them. When they exercise the options there is no addition to his regular taxable income. However, there is an addition to his alternative minimum taxable income. Alternative minimum taxable income is a separate income tax calculation that includes certain items that the regular income tax calculation does not include.
Wubbels & Duffy believe in the power of strong client relationships and getting to know the people they serve. Their guiding principles are the underlying foundation to their success and are listed below. Their clients are their purpose. They provide an array of financial and tax services that allow their clients to understand their financial position, maintain accounting standards, and set and achieve financial goals.
Wubbels & Duffy was built from a tradition of excellence and professional responsibility. Today they continue to carry out accounting, tax, and audit engagements in the thorough manner that they learned from the partners who preceded them. At the same time, they are committed to staying current with today's technology.

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