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North American Consumer Credit Service

North American Consumer Credit Service have been helping and educating thousands of people nationwide for over 14 years with credit card debt, refinancing and all other financial issues. They are professionals who will help you understand why you got into debt in the first place with personalized attention to each of their clients. If you need to get your credit card bills consolidated they have the best debt management program for you.
North American Consumer Credit Service consolidates your unsecured debts without the need for a loan. With their Debt Consolidation program your creditors do not change but the terms and conditions under which the debt is repaid usually improves significantly.All of your outstanding bills can be put into one low affordable monthly payment. Under North Americans Debt Consolidation program, the monthly payments to your creditors can be lowered as much as 20 to 40 percent.
In most cases, interest rates with your creditors are lowered and sometimes totally eliminated. This program has been successful for many years. It was developed by creditors to help their customers who were having a difficult time repaying their debts. As long as they work within the guidelines that the creditors established, for people that are in their Debt Consolidation program, they can extend many benefits to you, like getting your accounts brought current, and getting late and over limit fees stopped.

Since your payments will be on time, this program will not hurt your credit rating. If you have good credit it will stay good, if your credit is not good, this program will help you rebuild your credit. You will no longer be considered a risk; you will be considered a good paying customer.
The firm provides ongoing counseling while you are enrolled on their Debt Management Plan. Their client guidance department is available to help solve any financial problems that might occur along your road to being debt free. They also have a client care department to provide customer service to you with the handling of your accounts and payments.

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