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Brandywine was established in 1974. Friess Associates manages the Brandywine Funds family of mutual funds and a wide range of separate portfolios. Instead of aiming to be all things to all investors, growth-equity investing is their sole focus.

All of their portfolios follow the same time-tested investment strategy, which emphasizes each company’s ability to influence its share-price performance through earnings growth. They rely on exhaustive, company-by-company research to identify companies with promising earnings-growth potential that has yet to be recognized by the broader investment community.  

Brandywine Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation and current income is a secondary consideration. The fund primarily invests in common stocks of well-established companies that have proven records of profitability and strong earnings momentum. These stocks are likely to be issues of smaller, lesser-known companies moving from a lower to a higher market share within their industry group. The fund may also invest in stocks of larger and better-researched companies.  

Brandywine Blue Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation and even for this fund the current income is secondary. The fund usually invests in common stocks of well-established, but dynamic, blue-chip companies with market capitalizations of more than $6 billion. The advisor focuses on companies whose earnings are growing by at least 20 percent per year and whose stocks sell at reasonable price-to-earnings ratios. The advisor seeks fundamentally sound companies that are experiencing a positive change.  

Brandywine Advisors Fund seeks capital appreciation. The fund invests primarily in common stocks of U.S. companies with market capitalization between 1 billion dollars and 15 billion dollars. It may invest in equity securities of foreign issuers regularly those which are publicly traded in the United States either directly or through American Depositary Receipts. The fund looks forward to invest in companies in a broad range of industries.  

The initial investment and subsequent investments are common in all the plans mentioned above. They offer with various investment plans such as Min Initial Investment: 10,000 dollars, Min Initial Investment, IRA: 10,000 dollars, Min Initial Investment, AIP: 0 dollars, Min Subsequent Investment: 1,000 dollars, Min Subsequent Investment, IRA: 1,000 dollars and Min Subsequent Investment, AIP: 0 dollars.

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