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Calvert has been setting industry standards for asset management excellence since 1976, in both the way they serve clients' interests and how they select companies for their portfolios. Today, more than 400,000 investors have invested over $11 billion with Calvert. These investors trust the company’s investment approach, with its emphasis on rigorous fundamental research that goes beyond traditional measures to uncover companies strongly positioned for long-term success. Calvert offers a full family of more than 30 equity, fixed income, and money market mutual funds as well as separate account products for institutional investors.
The company has highly regarded portfolio managers who have been engaged in their professions for more than two decades. They offer you their expertise they have acquired through widely varied market and economic conditions, as well as an approach to investment that's informed by Calvert's industry-leading analysis of corporate performance in key areas such as the environment and corporate governance. Calvert's equity funds feature their unique Double Diligence research process, which  employs both a rigorous review of financial performance and a thorough assessment of corporate integrity to identify companies with strong management and solid business practices. With more than three decades of cumulative fixed-income experience, their portfolio managers have developed a four-tiered management approach, foresight to help identify attractive opportunities in any kind of market. Mutual funds offer several important benefits to the investor.
Simplicity and ease are the key words to describe a mutual fund. Mutual funds are an excellent choice for people without the time, inclination, or expertise to select and monitor individual securities.  Each fund invests in many companies or different types of securities, spreading risk rather than placing all your eggs in one basket as you do with individual-securities investing. Professional investment management   mutual fund managers are experienced, knowledgeable specialists in their field. And, professional investment management is relatively inexpensive with mutual funds.

Investors should understand all fees associated with the fund prior to investing. Mutual funds are required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide a prospectus, which discusses a fund's objective, fees, and services, as well as other detailed information. Simplified record keeping   A US stock-mutual-fund owns shares in many companies. So, investing in a typical mutual fund means you receive reporting only from your mutual fund company, not all the companies in which your fund invests. Stock funds provide the greatest opportunity for growth of your investment capital. With potentially higher returns and a relatively higher level of risk, stock funds are generally used to build up assets over a longer period of time - to save for retirement, build a college fund for a child's tuition, or, for a young investor, simply to obtain the greatest potential for return down the road.

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