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Cambiar Funds

Cambiar Funds normally invests at least sixty five percent of the net assets in common stocks of companies that are relatively large in terms of revenues and assets, with market capitalizations over 1 billion dollars at the time of purchase. It focuses first on individual stocks and then on industries or sectors. Barish is the President and began his career at Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder. Barish holds a chartered financial analyst designation. Cambiar Opportunity Portfolio seeks total return and capital preservation.
Cambiar International Equity Fund seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation. The fund normally invests at least eighty percent of the net assets in equity securities. It focuses predominantly in medium to large market capitalization equity securities of non-U.S. companies, foreign companies with U.S.-only listings and some U.S. corporations where the reponderance of business activity lies outside the U.S. The majority of these companies operate in established markets. The fund may also invest to a lesser extent in emerging market companies. Lipper Fund Fact Sheets provides you with the critical information needed to find a fund that fits your investment needs. Using the company’s proprietary Lipper Leaders rating system you can evaluate funds in any of five investor-oriented categories.
Cambiar Conquistador Fund seeks capital growth and preservation by investing primarily in common stocks. The fund seeks to provide above-average performance in both rising and falling market periods by investing in stocks that have limited downside risk and positive upside potential. It invests at least eighty percent of net assets in common stocks of small to mid-sized companies with market capitalizations ranging from 500 million dollar to eight billion dollars at the time of purchase.
Cambair Funds have a team of fund managers that are highly experienced in the field of investment and work diligently when it comes to handling your investment thus your investment is secure to a great extent even though one must keep in mind that there are risks involved in any type of investment. The expertise of the managers minimizes your risk.

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