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Chaconia Funds

The Chaconia Income and Growth Fund is the first US dollar fund sponsored by the Unit Trust Corporation. The idea of the Fund was first introduced in 1986 at a forum which dealt with  investment operations overseas, specifically in light of the growing demand in the United States by West Indians for an investment that was truly Caribbean in origin.
To satisfy this need the Corporation embarked on an initiative that led to a secure, stable and rewarding investment option for both local and international investors. Chaconia added a new dimension to local investing in that it not only underscored the initiative demonstrated by a local institution to pioneer the marketing of an investment product in the United States, but all the more laudable was its ability to adhere to all stringent operational, disclosure, reporting and prudential requirements of the United States Investment Company Act of 1940.

The Chaconia Income and Growth Fund, Inc., is an innovative fund that blends traditionally conservative income and growth opportunities with a potentially higher rate of return through U.S. and international investments. This unique investment strategy offers you the chance for steady asset accumulation along with a more aggressive investment posture.
The Fund is designed for long-term investors seeking income and capital appreciation consistent with the preservation of capital. This is accomplished through U.S. government and other domestic or international high yield income securities. Additionally, capital appreciation is sought through a diversified common stock portfolio.
The Chaconia Income and Growth Fund is truly a distinct product and like the popular flower, the Chaconia or wild poinsettia, stands as a hallmark of national pride and is all set to soar to greater heights in the future.

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