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First Investors Corporation

First Investors Corporation is a member of NASD, the National Association of Securities Dealers. NASD is a self regulatory organization of the securities industry responsible for the operation and regulation of the NASDQ stock market and over the counter markets. It also administrates exams for the investments professionals, such as the series of 7 exams.

The Company has been serving the needs of clients from all walks of life since the Company was founded in 1930. Using a face to face approach to investments and life insurance, their team of registered representatives offers the highest level of customer service. They strive to help their clients achieve long term goals such as providing for their children's college educations and enjoying a comfortable retirement.

Investing in mutual funds is an excellent way to start building your investment portfolio. Depending on their objectives, mutual funds invest in a large range of securities, such as equities, bonds and money market instruments. By investing in a large, diversified basket of securities, mutual funds offer the benefit of built in diversification. When you invest in a mutual fund, you are pooling your money with that of other investors with similar goals and allowing a professional management team to make the underlying investment decisions.
Investing mainly in the stocks of companies of various sizes, these funds usually have the highest potential rate of return, as well as the highest level of risk. There are many types of equity or stock funds, just as there are many types of stocks. First Investors offers equity funds that focus on global stocks, blue chip companies, mid caps, and small caps, large caps, as well as a mix of equities and bonds.
These funds invest mainly in corporate debt securities. Generally, these funds have a lower level of risk than equity funds, but a higher level of risk than money market funds. Investors concerned with receiving income from their investment may want to consider a taxable bond fund as one of the foundations of a diversified portfolio.

These funds primarily invest in securities issued by municipalities to finance public projects such as bridges, schools and highways. Independent insurance companies as to the timely payment of interest and principal insure the municipal bonds in the funds.    

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