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Widmann, Siff & Co.

Widmann, Siff & Co is a member of National Association of Security Dealer. NASD is a self-regulatory organization of the securities of the security industry responsibility for the operation and regulation of the NASDQ stock market and over the counter markets. It also administrates exams for the investments professionals, such as the series of 7 exams. 
The company is a mid-sized investment advisory firm dedicated to meeting the financial needs of their clients. Founded in 1970, their original mission was performing investment research tailored to the needs of national and international clients such as mutual funds, banks and insurance companies. The company began accepting management responsibility in 1974 for a number of equity-oriented portfolios for businesses, individuals, and charities.  Today, their principal business is constructing and managing portfolios to meet their client needs. The company maintains an on-going research effort in mutual funds as well as stocks. The company invests approximately $45 million of about $260 million total assets under management in a non-discretionary fashion.  This means that investment decisions are made jointly with clients. The company goal is to help clients meet their investment targets.  To help achieve this goal, they utilize proprietary research to pick and manage equities, bonds, mutual funds and units of master limited partnerships.  The company recognizes that managing client financial assets is an on-going process in view of ever-changing markets and client goals. 
They cannot be accused of being gamblers or speculators. Buying stocks to capture cash dividend payments and the growth in these payments in the future is far removed from speculation. Their investment philosophy is focused on cash returns and the growth in those returns over time. They believe few other managers have this perspective. Because of this, they impose demands on a portfolio that others don't. They expect a specific cash return on portfolios that will be superior to the yield of the overall stock market. They use investments whose cash dividends are expected to grow at a faster rate than that of the overall market. They expect their mutual fund selections to perform above average relative to a particular investment objective. While they cannot make guarantees about the future value of stocks, they rely to a lesser extent on price change and more on dividend yield to achieve their goals of return that they establish for stocks. 
The company can construct individual portfolios for clients who want high current income. Through their research and screening process, they select readily marketable stocks of master limited partnerships MLPs and real estate investment trusts that not only produce superior current income but also may have a large portion of the income tax deferred.

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