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William Blair & Company L.L.C.

William Blair  and  Company L.L.C. has been in business since 1935 and is a member of NASD, the National Association of Securities Dealers. NASD is a self-regulatory organization of the securities industry responsible for the operation and regulation of the NASDQ stock market and over the counter markets. It also administrates exams for the investments professionals, such as the series of 7 exams.

What is William Blair and Company all about? Traditional values that put the client first. Integrity and honesty in all dealings. Quality products and services. Values and business practices that build long-term client relationships. Because they believe that if the client does well, the firm will do well. They are a Chicago-based investment firm offering investment banking, asset management, equity research, institutional and private brokerage, and private capital to individual, institutional, and issuing clients. Since its inception they have been committed to helping clients achieve their financial objectives. As an independent, employee-owned firm, their philosophy is to serve their clients' interests first and foremost. They place a high value on the enduring nature of their client relationships, the quality of their products and services, and the continuity and integrity of their people. William Blair and Company has offices in Chicago, Hartford, London, San Francisco, Tokyo, Vaduz, and Zurich. On January 8, 1935, when William Blair and Frank Bonner opened their general investment banking firm, the 1929 stock market crash and the Great Depression were still taking their toll. The number of Chicago securities houses was dwindling.

William Blair  and  Company, L.L.C. is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation William Blair  and  Company maintains additional protection for its client assets through Excess SIPC coverage from Lloyds of London. Under the Lloyds of London policy, client assets, up to $24,500,000, for securities only in excess of the $500,000 covered through SIPC, will be covered subject to a $200 million aggregate cap to claims from William Blair  and  Company. This excess coverage is similar in scope to SIPC’s protection. This protection does not safeguard against a decline or loss in market value of the securities in a client’s account.

To ensure their clients receive top-level service and direct access to experts, they have a flat organizational structure. Their principals are the employee-owners of the firm, and their involvement in the business provides active direction throughout William Blair  and  Company. They give their people a lot of responsibility and autonomy. Theirs is an entrepreneurial environment, and they retain their employees far longer than the industry average.

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