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Ucb Investment Services, Inc.

Ucb Investment Services, Inc is a member of NASD, the National Association of Securities Dealers. NASD is a self regulatory organization of the securities industry  responsible for the operation and regulation of the NASDQ stock market and over the counter markets. It also administrates exams for the investments professionals, such as the series of 7 exams.
UCB Investment Services offers a variety of fixed and variable annuity products underwritten by some of the most reputable insurance companies. An annuity is a contract issued by an insurance company, which agrees to provide payments to the holder for a fixed period. Fixed annuities guarantee a fixed payment, while variable annuities pay a varying amount depending on the initial investment and the performance of the portfolio securities.
The Company routes order flow through its clearing firm, National Financial Services for execution on an automated and non discretionary basis. Whether you are planning for your retirement, saving for a college education or for any other reason, financial planning plays an important part in achieving your financial goals. Planning includes attempting to make optimal decisions, projecting the consequences of these decisions in the form of a financial plan and then comparing future performance against that plan. With their Portfolio Services, you will work one on one with a Financial Executive who is dedicated to help you in pursuing your individual investment needs.
The Company also offers some mutual funds. A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that purchases stocks, bonds or other money market instruments in accordance with a specific objective on behalf of its shareholders. When individuals buy shares in a mutual fund, their money is combined or pooled with money from other shareholders. The pooled capitals are invested and managed by professional money managers and each shareholder receives interest or dividends earned by the investments in the fund.
An Online Investing Account gives you the independence to direct, manage and control your finances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can trade online for as little as $19.95, access your account information anytime, get quotes, news and market data to stay informed on your investments, assess and reassess your financial objectives, investment strategy and risk tolerance, analyze investments and companies of interest to you by using the research center, plan your investment strategies with easy to use tools, save on commissions, download and print forms, brochures and prospectuses anytime.

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