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Centaurus Financial

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Centaurus Financial, Inc.

Centaurus Financial

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About Centaurus

Centaurus FinancialCentaurus Financial is a national independent broker/dealer licensed to offer securities and insurance products in all fifty states. Centaurus is registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission and is a member of both the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Founded in 1992, Centaurus was created with the primary philosophy that its clients would best be served by having access to registered representatives with high professional and ethical standards whose recommendations were not affected by corporate pressure to offer “in-house” or proprietary products.

During the last century, financial consultants were often referred to as a “customer's man.” Today, with the many contributions by women to the securities industry, a more appropriate term would be “customer's person.” The premise, however, remains the same. A customer's man put customers first, listened to their objectives and goals, and equipped with this information, researched the vast array of possible solutions. Recommendations were made based on what was best for the customer, free from the inherent conflicts of interest which arise when a company limits or focuses its range of available investments to in-house products.


Centaurus FinancialThe Centaurus Marketing Department strives to be accessible to you and can offer a wide array of quality services and expertise. After all, a "truly independent" broker/dealer has the best of all worlds available: because of our relationships with exhibitors, we can access their vast resources and combine it with our custom expertise, without being held hostage by one single approach.

This privileged positioning means that we can filter out the chatter and pass along only the information that we deem valuable enough for your attention and time. We've been facilitating relationships between independent producers and exhibitors for many years and we know what works, so don't be shy about asking us for direction.

Of course, most of you are seasoned professionals who have already found your niche - but as you know, one has to constantly adapt and grow in this business. That's why we're always striving to feed you new ideas and provide you with opportunities for training and networking; Our sales conferences, exhibitor events, practice management modules, turnkey seminar programs, and BDD Quantum Leap Workshops are good examples.

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