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Coca-Cola Co.

Although Coca-Cola was first created in the United States; it quickly became popular wherever it went. Their first international bottling plants opened in 1906 in Canada, Cuba and Panama, soon followed by many more. Today, they produce nearly 400 brands in over 200 countries. More than 70 percent of their income comes from outside the U.S., but the real reason they are a truly global company is that their products meet the varied taste preferences of consumers everywhere.

Coca-Cola Co. is a publicly traded company having a good stock performance result. Coca-Cola Co. is a fortune 500 stock listed company trading under KO.
They bring refreshment to people in over 200 countries. Their company stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol KO. 2005 basic and diluted net income per share included a net decrease of 0.13 dollars as a result of the following items a 0.13 dollars per share decrease related to taxes recorded on the repatriation of previously unearned foreign earnings under the American Jobs Creation Act; a 0.04 dollars per share decrease related to impairment charges from write-downs of certain trademarks; a 0.02 dollars per share decrease related to a change in an estimate used in accounting for stock-based compensation awards; a 0.01 dollars per share decrease related to the Company's proportionate share of significant non operating items at one of their equity method invitees.
Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. a 0.04 dollars per share increase related to reversals of previously accrued taxes resulting from favorable resolution of tax matters; a 0.01 dollars per share increase related to the settlement of a class-action lawsuit concerning price fixing by one of the Company's vendors; and a 0.01 dollars per share increase related to gains on issuances of stock by one of their Company's equity method invitees, Coca-Cola Amatil Limited. Per share amounts do not add due to rounding.
The Coca-Cola Company is the largest beverage company with the most extensive distribution system in the world. They are a nonalcoholic beverage company with an ever-expanding portfolio of choices to meet consumer needs. They are a global citizen committed to making a difference on the planet and operating with renewed vigor to increase profitability and to strengthen relationships with their business partners. They are keenly working, along with their bottling partners, to guarantee the sustainable growth of their business.


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