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Advance Capital I

Advance Capital Inc. provides the business with time and money for its growth. The company’s interim financial solutions allows to pay suppliers on time, meet payroll, and take advantage of cash discounts and other business opportunities.
The investment seeks capital appreciation, current income, and preservation of capital. The fund normally invests 60 percent of assets in equities and 40 percent in debt securities. The equity portion emphasizes common stocks issued by larger, more established, companies. Fixed-income securities may not constitute less than 25 percent not more than 75 percent of total assets. These fixed-income securities may include investment-grade corporate debt and U.S. government obligations. The average maturity of the fixed-income portion varies with economic conditions.
With increased liquidity, more inventories can be bought, by processing more orders and shipping more products. Plus, an improved cash flow allows offering customers a competitive sales and delivery terms to attract more business.
In Accounts Receivable Management the company provides professional credit management and helps reduce the bad debt exposure by offering no-cost credit screening.

ACI has been providing innovative financial solutions to promising businesses since 1994. During that time, ACI developed unique insights that have given it an edge in today’s fast-paced economy. ACI’s team is knowledgeable about the latest lending products and dedicated to providing professional service every step of the way. ACI’s rates are consistently competitive. Plus, there are no prepayment penalties or other hidden costs.

ACI gives businesses the resources they need to become future banking customers. By helping businesses get back into the banking pipeline, banks have the opportunity to do what they do best, establish more depository and cash management relationships, as well as solid long term bank borrowing customers.

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