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MMA Praxis

Praxis was founded in 1945 and is a church-affiliated organization that nurtures the practice of holistic, biblical stewardship. Registered as MMA Praxis the company helps individuals and groups act on their faith values in everyday decisions about resources. MMA offers professional expertise in insurance and financial services. They are deeply involved in stewardship of finances. MMA’s member satisfaction survey reveals unusually high approval ratings among the people we serve and an equally high level of trust. MMA also offers broad, far-reaching programs that help benefit individuals, communities, and the world. MMA offers matching grants to institutional clients to help them support employees in emergency situations. MMA Praxis has a variety of investment opportunities.
MMA Praxis Mutual Funds are distributed by IFS Fund Distributors, Inc. The fund is designed to act as the stable core of a well-diversified investment, avoids significant growth or value-style 0bias, invests in common stocks of well-established large and mid-size companies etc. This fund family contains Core Stock Fund, Intermediate Income Fund, International Fund, Money Market Fund, Value Index Fund. For shareholders and MMA Praxis registered representatives, account access in a secure area. Stewardship investing is a philosophy of financial decision making motivated and informed by faith convictions. It is a philosophy based on the balancing of social and financial considerations. Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of the MMA Praxis Mutual Funds carefully before investing.
The Money Market Fund is an investment in the MMA Praxis class of the Pax World Money Market Fund, managed by Reich& Tang Asset Management, LLC. For Checking writing is available to shareholders with balances in excess of 2,000 dollars. Checks must be written for a minimum of 250 dollars. The investment performance of the S&P 500/BARRA Value Index, while incorporating socially responsible investing criteria. MMA provides different services which include financial, insurance and educational resources. In financial consist of retirement planning, College savings etc. MMA’s health insurance plans can help manage health costs for families, pastors, church employees, businesses, and older adults. 

The company is as professionally run fund and the managers are dedicated to making a profit that is truly mutual to both the fund as well as the clientele.

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