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Purisima Funds

The Purisima Funds are offered only to United States residents and information on this site is intended only for such persons.
There are many types of funds which are Growth Funds Blend funds Value Funds and Income funds.
Growth Funds designed to give investors the opportunity to build wealth over time by investing in companies with above-average earnings and growth rate. Growth funds can produce above-average returns over time for investors who are willing to accept more risk. The fund invests in large U.S. companies with strong revenue and earnings growth prospects. Members of the management team target established companies that are believed to be leaders in their industries with the potential to grow rapidly. The fund’s portfolio typically includes world-renowned businesses whose size and scale give them a competitive advantage
The Blend funds re designed to have the flexibility to invest in both growth stocks and value stocks, targeting companies believed to be worth more than their current stock prices indicate. Blend funds give investors the opportunity to build wealth over time and strive to perform well when either growth or value stocks are in favor.
The Value Funds are designed to invest in stocks whose prices are low relative to the company's earnings dividends and growth potential. Value funds are designed to provide investors with growth and income in varying proportions.
The Income funds are designed to invest in interest-paying bonds and, to a limited extent, dividend-paying stocks. Tax-free income funds invest in municipal bonds. Income funds are designed for investors who are seeking a regular stream of income. 

Purisima Fund’s mission is to have more knowledge and use knowledge better than any investment firm in the world, to use and share knowledge to help its clients achieve investment success and peace of mind, to place their clients’ interests first and foremost.

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