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Atlas Mutual Funds are a group of no load Funds, which means that shares are sold without a sales charge. The Atlas companies consist of Atlas Securities, a mutual fund distributor and general insurance agent, and Atlas Advisers, an investment manager. Both are wholly owned subsidiaries of Golden West Financial Corporation and sister companies of World Savings. The Company was established in 1989 and provides investment products and services for world's customers and is responsible for 2 billion dollar in customer assets.
The Atlas fund family includes a variety of no load mutual funds like domestic and global stock funds, Index fund, Taxable and tax-free bond funds. Tax-advantaged money market funds. With Investment Representatives available at over 200 World Savings branches, Atlas offers a combination of personal attention and service that most no load mutual fund companies do not. There are various types of mutual funds like Emerging Growth Fund, Global Growth Fund, S&P 500 Index Fund, Balanced Fund Class, Strategic Growth, Growth & Income Fund etc.
Atlas Emerging Growth Fund - Class ‘A’ seeks long-term capital growth and current income. The fund invests primarily in equity securities with growth characteristics and market capitalizations of less than 8 billion dollar. The advisor seeks companies that have goods or services with favorable long-term prospects for increasing demand; companies that develop new products, services, or markets. 

Atlas Global Growth Fund seeks growth of capital. The fund invests primarily in equities issued by growth-oriented companies that are traded in markets of at least three countries, one of which may be the United States. These securities are generally issued by companies that may be developing new products or services, or expanding into new markets for their products. It may invest in issuers of all sizes. 

The investment seeks long-term capital growth and moderate current income. The fund normally targets a balanced growth allocation of approximately 60 percent stocks, 30 percent bonds, and 10 percent cash and money market securities.While the investment portfolio may be rearranged according to the fund managers' outlook from the economy, and market.  

Atlas Balanced Fund - Class ‘A’ seeks long-term capital growth and current income consistent with preservation of capital. The fund may invest a portion of assets in corporate and taxable government debt and money-market instruments. The fund may also invest in foreign securities.  

The fund is a professionally run fund and the managers are dedicated to making a profit that is truly mutual to both the fund as well as the client.    

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