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Portfolio 21

Portfolio 21 is a global fund and is not intended to reflect the exact composition of existing market indices such as the S & P 500. Portfolio 21 returns are compared with the Morgan Stanley World Equity Index. They use this index as a benchmark because Portfolio 21 is a global fund investing in stocks throughout the world. Portfolio 21 does not attempt to replicate the Morgan Stanely World Equity Index.
However comparing performance results with a benchmark is helpful to identify relevant market conditions and fluctuations. Due to the sustainability criteria, the portfolio may be relatively higher or lower weighted in particular industries than the current capital markets reflect. For example, based on their industry analysis, certain industries, due to their relatively low environmental impact, are more likely to perform well compared to other industries.
There are several differences between Portfolio 21 and many of the socially responsible mutual funds. While most socially responsible mutual funds use a broad range of social criteria, Portfolio 21 invests in companies that have taken affirmative steps towards incorporating environmental sustainability into their business strategies and activities.
The objective is to identify companies that recognize the ecological crisis and are positioning themselves to benefit from a new approach to business. Portfolio 21 uses environmental sustainability as the primary determinant for inclusion in the portfolio. They believe that the long-term viability of corporations depends on their ability to understand and implement a business model that is based on environmental sustainability.
Portfolio 21 is a no load mutual fund with no front-end or back-end sales charges. Of course, like all mutual funds, there are fees and expenses related to an ongoing investment in the Fund. Refer to your prospectus for more complete information.
Portfolio 21 may invest in foreign securities, which are subject to the risks of currency fluctuation, political and economic stability and differences in accounting standards. The Fund invests in smaller companies, which involve additional risks such as limited liquidity and greater volatility.

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