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Potomac Funds

The Potomac Funds were launched in late 1997. At that time, the Funds had a basic goal embodied in a specific plan. The basic goal was to create innovative investment funds to serve areas of the market neglected by the mainstream financial community. The specific plan was to offer leveraged long index funds and short index funds designed to appeal to sophisticated investors engaged in active management of mutual fund portfolios.
Consistent with both the basic goals Potomac has been consistently innovative in an attempt to respond to changes in the markets and allow their clients to do the same. They have been first in a number of offerings. They were the first firm to offer a short NASDAQ 100 fund a long small cap fund for active managers February 1999, a short small cap fund December 1999, a Dow fund for active managers December 1999, a short 10 Yr Bond fund May 2004 and a leveraged long 10 Yr Bond fund for active managers January 2005.
The Directional Funds represent a slight departure from long and short index funds because the Funds do not track a particular index. Like index funds, the Directional Funds invest consistent with fundamental, articulated assumption about the investment arena in which the Fund is focused.
They are committed to their clients and make every effort to provide the level of service required to develop long-term relationships with their shareholders. Traditional equity index funds are premised on the belief that equity exposure is best sought by investments in categories embodied by indexes rather through the analysis of, and investment in, individual equities.
Although the Potomac Plus Funds share the basic premise of traditional index funds, the Potomac Plus Funds are not traditional index funds. Each Potomac Plus Fund attempts to magnify the daily return of its target index by a specific percentage except for the Commodity Bull fund which invests in a broad based commodity portfolio.
Potomac's enhanced indexing strategy produces economically leveraged investment results creating expected returns greater than those of the target index when the target gains, and losses greater than those of the target index when the target index declines.

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