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Qualcomm Inc

Qualcomm Inc is a publicly traded company having a good stock performance result. Qualcomm Inc is a fortune 500 stock listed company trading under QCOM.
The company pioneered the commercialization of the code-division multiple access technology used in wireless communications equipment and satellite ground stations mainly in North America. It licenses CDMA semiconductor technology and system software to more than 100 equipment and cell phone makers. QCOM OmniTRACS satellite vehicle tracking system is used by the trucking industry to manage vehicle fleets. The company also sells Eudora e-mail software.
In July 1985, 7 industry veterans like Franklin Antonio, Adelia Coffman, Andrew Cohen, Klein Gilhousen, Irwin Jacbos, Andrew Viterbi and Harvey White came together to outline the plan.
On March 07, 2006 QUALCOMM Incorporated recently updated its financial guidance for the second fiscal quarter ending March 26, 2006.
Based on the current business outlook, they now anticipate second fiscal quarter revenues for QUALCOMM pro forma to be approximately 1.75 dollars to 1.82 billion dollars. They  now anticipate second fiscal quarter forma diluted earnings per share to be approximately 0.40 dollars to 0.41 dollars , compared to 0.29 dollars  in the year ago quarter. This estimate is based on the shipment of approximately 47 to 48 million Mobile Station Modem chips during the quarter compared to approximately 37 million in the year ago quarter and approximately 47 million in the prior quarter

The majority of their licensees have reported royalties in the second fiscal quarter for products shipped in the December quarter. In year 2005 total CDMA handset shipments are estimated to have been approximately 209 million units, including approximately 49 million WCDMA units and approximately 160 million CDMA2000 units, compared to their prior estimate of 203 million units, including approximately 45 million WCDMA units and approximately 158 million CDMA2000 units.

During the second quarter of fiscal 2005, the Company decreased its estimate of R&D costs allocable to the Company’s foreign operations under an intercompany cost sharing agreement. Due to this change in estimate, the effective tax rate in the second quarter for total QUALCOMM included a 55 million dollars benefit, or 0.03 dollars diluted earnings per share, related to fiscal 2004. For fiscal 2005 pro forma presentation, results have been adjusted to exclude the tax benefit attributable to fiscal 2004.

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