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FinancialBrowsers.com has created a one-stop portal to help you find the best Financial Management and Financial Services professionals available anywhere. Here you’ll be able to compare companies’ side-by-side, and understand just what they have to offer to help with your retirement plans or other savings goals. We have representatives from financial services companies, accounting firms, stock brokers, debt consolidators and more.

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If you haven't found the right consultant, advisor, broker or other professional to help with your personal finances, we can help, and put you in touch with an expert who can help with your particular situation. There's no cost for this service, and no obligation to hire the person or firm that contacts you. To prevent unauthorized use of your name and email address, we won't share any information with any person or organization other than the one we feel can best address your needs. We provide your information to just one firm, unless you request multiple contacts.

Retirement Income Planning

Whether you need Retirement Income Planning advice, investment help, income tax answers or other financial assistance, the firms on this site are eager and able to help. They can assist you with mortgages, mutual funds, stocks, annuities and even debt counseling.

The Importance of Financial Consultants

When people have to make investment decisions, it is very important to be well advised. Therefore, many financial consultant businesses can help you while planning financial affairs, particularly when you have to understand the differences between income and expenditure as well as the risks that entail an investment. These companies are prepared to fulfill all your requirements using basic financial concepts such as personal finance, finance of states, business finance, financial economics and financial mathematics. They are organized in many fields in order to attract as many potential clients as they can. Read More...

Mary Schapiro Gets Tougher Treatment Regarding SEC Funding Boost

Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Schapiro defended the large budget increase sought by her agency in a hearing Thursday as she girded for tougher questioning from House Republicans later in the day on the SEC's performance and her handling of a former SEC general counsel whose mother bank rolled her money with Bernard Madoff.

Ms. Schapiro, who is engaged in a battle with congressional Republicans who are after deep funding cuts for her agency, declared a series of improvements under her watch to assert that the agency was on an upward path after an array of wrong moves, including failure to detect Mr. Maddoff’s huge fraud.

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Pre-Paid Legal Announces 2010 4th Quarter & Year-End Results

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (NYSE: PPD) reported new memberships produced and new sales associates enrolled for the fourth quarter and for the year ended December 31, 2010. During the 4th quarter of 2010, new sales associates enrolled decreased 54.3% to 28,160 from the 61,623 enrolled in the 4th quarter of 2009 and new memberships produced decreased 20.8% to 117,472 during the 2010 quarter compared to 148,248 for the 2009 quarter.

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Several Romanian Finance Minister Will Be Replaced Due to Cabinet Reshuffling

Due to a Cabinet shuffle amid criticism over austerity measures aimed at meeting international bailout conditions, Romanian Finance Minister Sebastian Vladescu said he will be replaced.

In a phone interview from Bucharest,Vladescu said that he will be replaced by Prime Minister Emil Boc as part of a “political decision.” Vladescu said he does not know who will take his place and is not about to comment on what his departure means for plans to carry out a loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund.

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