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Be a Complete Accounting Professional

Through the years, the role of the accounting professional has changed drastically, progressing from calculating and processing data to concentrating on information analysis and assisting to chart the course of the future of an organization. As job responsibilities have changed, so have the requirements to be successful as an accountant.

It is no longer enough just to possess solid financial expertise. Accountants must also possess a wide set of skills that allow them to function as business advisors to organizations. In order to become a complete accounting professional you should focus on developing certain specific abilities. For example, accounting professionals that understand international transactions and accounting standards and are fluent in other languages will find many opportunities in the increasingly global business world.

Strategic analysis is another skill that public and private firms are seeking. Accountants with the ability to see the “big picture”, provide strategic advice, keep up-to-date on the latest industry and business trends and understand the role of a company within its industry sector will be at a professional advantage. Accountants must have technical abilities since the growing role of technology in the accounting field is creating a need for professionals who are not only proficient in accounting software and systems, but also in providing advice on implementing new systems.

There is also a strong demand for accountants who can convey in-depth business information to non-financial colleagues. This is especially important as organizations increase their use of cross-functional work teams, which usually involves workers from multiple departments working collaboratively on special projects. Finally, professional accounting titles like general Certified Management Accountant (CMA) are valued and respected by employers because they imply a commitment to excelling in the accounting field.

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