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National Life

National Life is the company having experience of more than 100 years. National Life Insurance Company which is the flagship of the National Life Group has protected individuals, families and businesses against the financial hardships that often follow the death or disability of a family member, business owner or key employee.
Although life insurance and financial investments may appear to be stuffy and complex, their corporate history has some rather amazing stories. These vary from heart rendering disasters, epidemics and wars to winning national awards for being a good corporate citizen. They have learned from their past mistakes and their corporate memory runs deep, something that is uncommon in today's world of large companies.
In many ways, their history parallels and reflects the major events in American history since 1850. They have gathered a series of stories from their archives that are intended to highlight the true history and resulting strengths of National Life.
Their corporate history is directly tied to all of the major events in America since 1850. They had insured customers and employees fighting in the Civil War, running west in the Gold Rush, going down on the Titanic, wallowing in the mud of World War I trenches, dying from the Spanish Influenza epidemic, and fighting in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.
It is a rare company that doesn't produce small jewelry to support sales efforts, reward employees, and remember special events. When taken cumulatively, they can tell much about the history of a company and the times in which it operated.
The Company has always taken extra steps to support individual soldiers, sailors, and airmen and airwomen even when the company didn't take a political position on military affairs. During World War I and World War II, the company clearly took many corporate steps to help the country defeat the Axis powers. Such actions were practiced far less during any other war since the company is and was primarily a financial institution.
The history of National Life with the military and their nation's wars is primarily one of individual stories. Recent research has uncovered several startling, and well documented stories of how their employees and associates were lost on the field of battle.

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