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Security Benefit Life

Security Benefit Life prides them on bringing objectivity to their money management practices when many others are too busy playing the markets. Far from the consent views of Wall Street, Security Benefit is focused on Main Street and the companies and people who drive their economy. This focus helps them identify investment risk at all levels as they seek to engineer financial solutions that maximize return. 
For those fields that they feel are outside the scope of their expertise, such as global investing, they employ world class portfolio managers from industry leaders such as Four Corners,  Mainstream, Northern Trust, Oppenheimer Funds, RS Investments, Wells Capital Management and T. Rowe Price. 
Standard & Poor's revised the outlook from negative to stable, reflecting the strength and stability of their business profile and earnings improving to levels consistent with the ratings and allowing for the effect of a reasonable range of market conditions. The ratings are supported by their strong position in the 403b retirement plan market tax sheltered annuities and mutual funds, strong consolidated earnings adequacy, very strong liquidity and extremely strong capitalization.
The ratings highlight Security Benefit’s very strong investment portfolio from a credit quality and risk return standpoint. S&P believes that their consistently strong annuity earnings profile is supported by its stable asset base, rising number of contracts in force, low cost structure and good expense control. According to S&P, this earnings profile is expected to result in capitalization that will remain extremely strong, with a capital adequacy ratio above 300 percent.
By placing the interests of their customers first is one of the fundamental core values that have guided Security Benefit for more than a century. They are proud that it remains their standard and their focus today.
For them, this core value extends beyond corporate procedures. It guides how they do business and in fact determines their position on all investor issues. As part of their ongoing pledge to maintain confidence of their investors and to keep them apprised of their position on issues, they want to share with you their position on recent industry current events.
At Security Benefit, they believe that their integrity and values are reasons many chose them as a business partner. As a result, they strive to operate with continued high ethical standards, as well as welcome any industry changes that will further enhance their ability to place the interests of their customers first.

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