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Family Debt Arbitration and Counseling Services

Family Debt Arbitration is an Accredited Credit Counseling Agency. Their standards, business practices and quality control methods are audited semiannually to insure they meet AICCCA and Creditor Standards and policies. They are an ISO9001 Company and Registered with BSI British Standard Institute. 
Family Debt Arbitration is an Accredited Credit Counseling Agency is listed and Registered with the following State Departments. They are very proud of their reputation and standing in the credit counseling community. They invite any prospective consumer that may be interested in taking advantage of their credit counseling services, or debt management program.
Credit counseling & debt management are very sensitive and personal matters. You should never do business with a company before checking out their reputation. Unfortunately there are many companies taking advantage of unsuspecting or trusting consumers. While there are thousands of companies claiming they can consolidate your debt through a debt management program, there are but a few hundred legitimate companies that are accredited as a bona fide debt management company. Legitimate debt management companies do not advertise by bulk email. They are proud to state that Family Debt Arbitration is an Accredited Debt Management Company.
Family Debt is an IRS designated 501C 3 non profit charitable organization, registered with the internal revenue service. They are listed with hundreds of major companies as a recognized non profit consumer credit counseling organization. Typically, especially with major creditors, they work through special channels set up for credit counseling agencies. They deal with thousands of creditors, both large and small, each one unique, having its own set of policies and   procedures. 

In addition to newspaper articles and sponsoring debt management seminars, their organization has been featured several times during the past few years on their local television station, Wmur TV in Manchester, NH. These features have been short community interest stories and discussions relating to debt counseling, finance and debt management.

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