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Genesis Financial Management

At Genesis Financial Management, Inc., they offer you a new financial beginning. The headquarters is in Tampa, Florida. Genesis Financial Management Inc. is a 501 c 3 tax exempt not for profit organization. Genesis was established on October 31st 2001 and is led by its President, Preston O. Duppins, Jr and supported by an independent Board of Trustees.Mr. Duppins is responsible for all aspects of the company's activities. Preston brings over ten years of operational experience in the debt management industry as well as a desire to provide world class financial education to promote sound personal financial management skills.
They will provide educational curriculum, literature, seminars, etc., to carry on their organizational mission to improve or develop consumers' financial capabilities. As a non profit credit counseling agency, they will also provide consumers with programs to assist them in the repayment of their current indebtedness.
They also provide some of the best financial education materials available anywhere. Whether you want to learn how to budget, how to start investing, or just learn how to get out of debt or improve your credit score, Genesis has the knowledge and expertise to help you every step of the way. Best of all, most of their financial education resources are completely free of charge.
At Genesis, they believe that good people who owe money want to pay their bills; they just want a level playing field. By enrolling in their Debt Management Program, they level the playing field by making the repayment terms favor you, the consumer, rather than favoring the credit card company. They work with creditors to lower your payments, lower interest rates, bring past due accounts current, stop late and over the limit fees and establish a repayment plan that will pay off all of your debt in five years or less. 

To deliver world class financial education, programs, and services to consumers in all walks of life. They're committed to improving consumers' financial understanding and behaviors to help them improve their quality of living.

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