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Genus Credit Management

Genus Credit Management or American Financial Solutions AFS is a not for profit credit counseling agency that offers confidential and professional credit counseling, debt management and financial educational programs to consumers nationwide. Genus is dedicated to providing counseling services that help financially distressed families and individuals effectively manage their personal finances.
Since 2001, Genus clients have their debt management plans managed by American Financial Solutions. Their Genus clients have access to the AFS Genus Free Online Curriculum by logging into their account. The Genus Debt Management Program is a free service supported by voluntary contributions from their clients and their creditors. They offer their services to consumers nationwide who are experiencing financial hardship. The plan offers people a way to pay off unsecured debt by consolidating their debts into one monthly payment.
Genus clients have had their programs managed by American Financial Solutions since 2001. The AFS Genus state of the art infrastructure assures consumers fast, dependable, accurate, and confidential service. On average, AFS Genus clients are able to fully pay off their debts within 48 to 60 months. They counsel you on an on going basis while they manage your bill payment.
They are uniquely positioned to help both the client and their creditors by serving the dual role of helping consumers pay off their debts and assisting creditors in receiving amounts owed. They are supported by voluntary contributions from their clients and their creditors. All contributions are voluntary and all callers receive the same level of service regardless of whether they can or want to make a contribution. 

This companies programs benefits such as works directly with creditors to obtain benefits such as reduced interest and waived late fees, which could lower an individual’s monthly payments by as much as 50 percent, manages the debt to ensure the earliest possible payoff, consolidates monthly payments into one affordable amount, matches timing of bill due dates with the individual’s pay dates, introduces consistency and discipline to the repayment plan using genus’ exclusive easy pay system. This encourages creditors to return accounts into current status, thereby helping individuals restore their own credit.

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