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Julian Credit Management

Debt Consolidation is a great solution for you and your family to get out of mounting debt once and for all. Debt can happen to anybody financial problems; from high credit card debt to a bad credit rating are not necessarily the results of poor money management. Julian Credit Management is a non profit, nationwide debt consolidation and credit counseling organization.
Debt Consolidation Program with a company that works for you and not for the creditors. Julian Credit Management work with that debt consolidation plan you could slash interest rates to 0 percent, debt consolidation can drastically reduce your pay off time, the debt consolidation program can bring your accounts current, with a debt consolidation plan you can preserve your credit.
Their dedicated counselors can help you restructure your bills and make a payment plan that can cut years and thousands of dollars off your long-term debts like credit cards, mortgages, and other loans. Their debt management program can help you repay your debts: We help you establish a spending plan, determine your financial options, save money on interest and late fees, get your creditors off your back, and provide you with useful information.
Julian Services will negotiate with such creditors as are listed on the firm's questionnaire and provided by client. Julian Services shall use its best efforts to reduce the interest, principal or monthly payment amount as appropriate under the circumstances to allow client to restructure the debts. Client shall then be required to make monthly payments as provided herein to Julian Services. Julian Services shall hold such sums in trust and disburse them pursuant to this agreement. 

The firm provides ongoing counseling while you are enrolled on their debt management plan. Their client guidance department is available to help solve any financial problems that might occur along your road to being debt free. They also have a client care department to provide customer service to you with the handling of your accounts and payments. They are very proud of their reputation and standing in the credit counseling community. They invite any prospective consumer that may be interested in taking advantage of their credit counseling services, or debt management program.

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