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Money Management International

Money Management International is a non profit, community service organization that provides professional financial guidance, counseling, community wide educational programs, and debt management assistance. Money Management International, and its family of agencies, has over 46 years experience helping consumers regain financial control of their lives and reduce their debt liabilities.
Thousands of consumers nationwide have chosen the MMI Debt Management Program as an alternative to bankruptcy. MMI is the largest full service, counseling agency affiliated with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.MMI offers help with budgeting, money management and credit issues through online, telephone and in person counseling. An MMI credit counselor helps you assess your finances and works with you to create a livable budget to balance income with expenses.
A Debt Management Plan is another way they help you resolve credit problems and pay down debt. When appropriate, MMI serves as an impartial intermediary negotiating with your creditors to establish a reasonable and mutually acceptable repayment plan.MMI offers housing education programs to assist consumers in both a one on one and group setting with first time homeownership opportunities, affordable mortgages and refinancing, post purchase counseling and reverse mortgage information.
MMI is dedicated to educating individuals to manage their money and use credit responsibly. Their educators present financial education programs to students and adults. These programs can be held at your school, office or agency. Credit scores are now the measuring stick of financial worthiness. The components that make up credit scores and the information contained in credit reports are often hard to decipher and understand.
Money Management International has a team of trained counselors who will work with you to create a detailed personal financial assessment. During the assessment, the counselor will work with you to analyze your income, expenses, assets and liabilities and provide the client with a true and accurate picture of your financial situation.
MMI offers help with budgeting, money management and credit issues 365 days a year. Their counselors take the time to thoroughly understand your situation and provide you with specific advice. They will work with you to develop a personal financial assessment by analyzing your income, expenses, assets and liabilities.

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