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MyDebtCounselor.com is the premier internet based credit counseling source. They help you understand debt, get out of debt, and eventually use credit to your advantage. Their staff of certified financial planners, legal advisors and community volunteers, is ready to assist you if you are burdened by debt. Their approach is personable and comfortable and you will always receive direct and honest advice.

MyDebtCounselor.Com is a COA Accredited Agency. They provide all their services at low or no cost to you. Their service fees reflect that they are not trying to enrich themselves and that they understand that you may already be under financial burden. They will also return your phone calls or reply to your emails within one business day, automatic deduction for convenient delivery of your debt management payments, Through their automatic deduction service, you can make one payment per month or you can have your payment split up to coincide with your payroll deposits.
They use an electronic payment service to expedite your payments to your creditors. This allows for faster, safer delivery of your funds and provides them with trace numbers for all of your payments. They provide you the ability to monitor your progress over the internet through online account access.

MyDebtCounselor.com can help you retrieve your credit report from the three major credit bureaus and analyze your credit history and overall credit worthiness. They will help you to identify accounts that are reported negatively and provide advice to you on what can be done to possibly improve the negative reporting. They will also help you to identify other factors that may be dropping your credit score and advise you on what can be done to give you some more score power.MyDebtCounselor.com will provide you with a free evaluation to help you determine the best course of action. The most popular debt solution is the nationally recognized Debt Management Program.

Their goal is to provide educational and informational homeownership resources to the public. They do this by offering free and low cost services to their community. They are not a lender or a for profit business. They are an organization dedicated to helping people understand that their financial health is important and worth getting in order. They simply want to help people just like you to purchase a home. By doing this, you and their community can prosper.

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