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Pioneer Credit and Debt Consolidation

Pioneer Credit and Debt Consolidation exist to help people out of financial bondage. They are committed to the belief all people are individuals with purpose and worth. The client no less valuable because of financial difficulties than if they were healthy. Also creditors are people with value and worth. They provide credit counseling, budgeting, and debt insolvency programs supported by Christian beliefs. It is their policy not only to help clients get out of Debt but to educate them in budgeting practices.       
They offer budget counseling, financial counseling and post bankruptcy counseling.  Their budget counseling program can help you to keep track of your monthly income and expenses so that you can plan for emergencies, make sure all of your bills are paid each month, and save for the future. Their financial counseling consists of answering financial questions that you may unfamiliar with and pointing people in the right direction for their particular financial situation. Their post bankruptcy counseling is approved by the executive office of the US trustees and is available in different forms. They also provide their clients with a payment to their monthly newsletter the pioneer pilot. It features financial and educational advice. They can provide their clients with two exceptional programs, simplified guide to financial life skills and credit when credit is due. 

Their Debt management program is for people that are experiencing financial difficulties.  Under this program creditors often reduce or remove the interest in order to help you get out of debt. Your monthly payment can be up to 30percent lower than what you are currently paying. Many creditors will also reduce or completely eliminate late fees and bring your account current, even if you are now behind.

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