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Is the Market Headed for a Titanic Crash?

(PRWEB) July 22, 2005 -- "The US stock market looks like the Titanic, just before it smashed into a massive iceberg." This is what Capuchinomics, a newsletter that utilizes Behavioral Finance and Economics to forecast and analyze markets, claims in its latest issue.

According to Capuchinomics editor Paul Mampilly CFA, the stock market looks "seemingly indestructible but is extraordinarily vulnerable in reality. Just about every indicator suggests a pullback is near."

Warning investors in its weekly newsletter, Capuchinomics editor Mampilly says,"Investors may have a little more fun running up their pet stocks,but the gains resulting would be the equivalent of re-arranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship."

Capuchinomics -- Investment Ideas Inspired by Monkeys does not use conventional measures to determine its forecasts and analysis. Instead, it utilizes the emerging but controversial techniques of Behavioral Finance and Economics that makes us of human emotion and behavior as the primary factor in the fluctuations of financial markets and securities.

Paul Mampilly CFA is the editor of Capuchinomics, Mampilly is a noted practitioner of Behavioral Finance. His commentaries on financial Markets have been published by The Daily Reckoning, Welling@Weeden, 24HPM.com, Google News, GSE Reports, Peak Oil, Unknown News, Gold Investments, and Safe Haven. Capuchinomics is a division of The Capuchin Group LLC.

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