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Commit2Save.com Announces New Growth in Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) November 17, 2005 -- On October 18, 2005, Commit2Save.com launched its on-line shopping program, which gives customers 20-25% cash back on every purchase. Since its opening, the company has had to hire additional staff to handle orders, new suppliers, and products being added daily. While hiring seems a normal task for an organization, it is especially interesting since the associates of the company are all on a deferred compensation program. This means they will not be paid until the company attains a certain return on investment. Finding and retaining associates with the commitment needed to accept those employment terms is a different and exciting approach.

But that does not matter to the 27 existing associates, according to CEO, Harris Lowenthal. “Our employees are diligently working because they believe in the mission of this company and in its success. They are excited to be part of such an innovative start up organization and are willing to make sacrifices now to ensure its and their future success. We have an exceptional group of dedicated, committed and talented individuals who exude a passion for what this company offers its customers.”

When asked how he feels about the compensation structure of Commit2save, Inc., Donald Dover, Senior Network/Security Administrator, who has been with the company for over a year, feels optimistic. “It’s been hard going this long without a paycheck but I really believe in this company and its potential. I really want to be part of it so I have remained dedicated. One perk is that we are able to work from home.” Commit2Save.com employees telecommute to save time, money, and reduce pollution.

Commit2Save.com provides customers with an online shopping mall, featuring unique products and services, while helping customers save by placing 20-25% of every dollar spent into a Purchase Reward Program account for future use. Customers who save $800 with the program are rewarded with an additional $200, which is a 25% total savings incentive. Commit2Save.com is also giving $100 with each customer’s first purchase. This totals $300 that consumers will receive by participating in this free program. “No other company offers this type of incentive to help customers save for the future. And we pay out the savings in cash -- not points or miles to be redeemed. You can’t beat these savings or the program. It doesn’t make sense to shop anywhere else,” says Todd Truax, Director of Finance for the company.

Employees at the company have remained dedicated, working long hours to increase their product offerings by adding 10’s of thousands of items in anticipation of the holiday season. One of those products being developed is their gift certificate program, which gives 20-25% cash back to the certificate purchaser. So customers can give friends and family the gifts of their choice and save 20-25% for the customer’s future as well. This generous, new and unique (patent pending) program allows Americans to save for the future when shopping at Commit2Save.com.

When the site opened for business on October 18, 20,000 products were available for shopping convenience and value. Suppliers continue to come aboard daily to provide a variety of goods and services that range from specialty and seasonal items to electronics. There are now over 40,000 products available, giving customers additional selections.

About Commit2Save, Inc.

Commit2Save's mission is to help customers save for their future. Founded and launched in 2005, CEO Harris Lowenthal has improved on existing models of online shopping and saving. The company is dedicated to providing excellent customer care and satisfaction, along with a large selection of merchandise in the broadest range of product categories at or below Retail Price. Commit2Save.com adds suppliers daily.

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