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Give Children a Financial Education for Christmas

(PRWEB) November 17, 2005 -- Money Mama the Smarter Piggy Bank shows children the road to financial freedom. Children get excited about money and love what money provides, but learning only how to spend will set children on a path to financial failure. When children spend as much as they receive, they are learning the habits of living paycheck to paycheck.

Old piggy banks teach children how to save and spend; the new Money Mama the Smarter Piggy Bank teaches children how to set aside a portion of their income for charity, investments and savings and to spend the balance wisely. If children practice the habits of dividing money before they spend, they are learning a secure financial lesson that will help immensely through out their lives.

The priceless gift of an early financial education has many rewards. Not only will children start to learn the importance of funding their retirement, with the award-winning children’s book Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs, they will understand why. Children will hear and see the benefits of saving money, how money grows through investing and helping others. They will understand the benefits of becoming a wise consumer and respect the items they own.

Money Mama the Smarter Piggy Bank is the first award-winning system designed just for children, which teaches them the habits necessary for a secure financial future. Knowing that parents are children’s #1 teacher, where Money Mama and the Smarter Piggy Bank can be purchased, also has plenty of resources for parents for teaching their children all they need to know about the fundamentals of money management.

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