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Deacon Media Extends Holiday Discount from Retail Price for 'Financial Accounting Get it Straight'

(PRWEB) November 18, 2005 -- Interest in the book, "Financial Accounting Get it Straight" by Errol Deacon, has exceeded all expectations. The quantity of material in this book compares favorably to Accounting 101, which is the absolute minimum required to get by in the world of even small business today as well as getting a glimpse in understanding the financial statements issued by the publicly held corporations.

This book is loaded with illustrations, but more importantly it is written in a question and answer format which isn’t only easier to understand, but helps control the readers’ focus and helps prevent the mind wondering away from the subject matter. As the author Errol Deacon states: “Accounting must be understood” A one page sample of each chapter is available for viewing at the publishers web site.

Especially for small to medium size business owners’ and managers that traditionally have challenges with this all important subject, the timing couldn’t be better. This easy to understand book will prove a valuable tool in mastering the practice and theory in closing the year end books, and professional accountants are urged to take a look at this book and pass it on to their clients.

This book is a valuable tool for non-accountants that part of their daily routine is having to make financial decisions from financial data from third parties.

This book begins with a short history of accounting, explains the definition of accounting and an insight of what it can and cannot do. The timid among us will love how the author takes a simple family balance sheet and converts it into a balance sheet before moving on to business accounting.

You won't master accounting in these first twenty five pages, but for those that want proof early in the game that you are not wasting you time completing the book, this is it! Now move on T-Accounts, Capitalization, Income Statement (Profit or Loss) and the Balance Sheet. There are dedicated chapters for Inventory, Depreciation, Payroll, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. The last two chapters cover the basic functions for Bonds, leases and an introduction to Off Balance Sheet accounting and the Statement of Cash Flows.

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