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O'Connor Benchmark Report Monitors Customer Service in Banking Call Centers

Results of this biannual report show bank sales agents lacking in some key areas. Notably only 39% of the agents actually ask for the business when dealing with prospective customers.

(PRWEB) November 19, 2005 -- O’Connor & Associates has announced the results of their 2nd Half 2005 "Industry Benchmark" results. The fifteen national and regional banks in the O’Connor biannual survey posted an aggregate score of 66.06%. The benchmark measures the effectiveness of the sales teams in the participating banks to deal with prospective customers calling in to open a new checking account, inquire about a loan or determine CD or Money Market rates and open a new savings account.

Each bank is monitored 100 times during a thirty-day period and O’Connor’s service evaluators complete a twenty-four-question form in seven attributes for each interview in a yes or no answer format to ensure objectivity.

The attributes measured: Customer Reception, Customer Rapport, Needs Identification, Professionalism, Product Knowledge, Cross Selling Capability and Closing are recognized as being the areas customers regard as essential to overall satisfaction.

The aggregate score (66.06%) represents a total of 23,781 yes answers of the 36,000 total questions in the surveySome key scores from the survey showed that only 32% of the agents "Asked for Customer Name" and just 22% "Used Customer Name" once they captured it; only 61% of the agents "Related Product to Customer Need" since you write so few checks each month our "Budget" checking account would best suit your needs… only 16% "Mentioned Another Product or Service" offered by the bank; only 10% "Offered Additional Information" regarding that other product or service and only 39% actually "Asked for the Business."

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