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FetchXL Launches First Beta Version of New Add-In for Microsoft® Excel Which Helps Analysts Build Financial Models Better and Faster

(PRWEB) November 19, 2005 -- FetchXL today introduced its new add-in for Microsoft Excel, allowing analysts to virtually eliminate data entry from their work flow. The new add-in greatly reduces the time and effort required to build and update financial models, providing instant access to comprehensive financial data that can be retrieved directly into Microsoft® Excel at the touch of a button.

Analysts who have not yet registered for the FetchXL beta program are encouraged to apply immediately due to the limited number of beta testers being accepted.

“The release of our beta version is an important step toward delivering the most effective tool available for building and updating financial models,” said Chad Sandstedt, President of FetchXL. “By combining the most usable add-in available with the most comprehensive financial data available, FetchXL is creating a higher standard for analysts who are demanding a better solution for retrieving financial data directly into their spreadsheets.”

The first dataset available with FetchXL is from Hemscott, a leading provider of financial data. Hemscott’s dataset includes more than 750 data points for over 9,000 U.S. and 3,000 Canadian companies going back up to 20 years and 60 quarters.


FetchXL is a true extension of Microsoft® Excel that can be used just like any of Excel's native functions (i.e. IRR, PMT, SUM, SUMIF, etc.). Analysts can build and modify the FetchXL function manually or by using the always intuitive FetchXL Formula Builder. Here are five benefits of integrating FetchXL into the analysis process.

- Build financial models better and faster. FetchXL is a best-of-breed data retrieval tool for Microsoft Excel designed to do one thing, to automatically populate financial models. FetchXL does not chart yield curves or quote swap spreads, but it can help analysts build financial models faster and better than ever.

- Increase productivity and reduce turnaround times. Manually keying historical financial data into models is a laborious process, often taking as much as 50 percent of an analyst's time. FetchXL eliminates the need to manually key data into models, allowing analysts to deliver the same work product in a fraction of the time.

- Improve accuracy by eliminating data entry errors. Data entry is often the weak link in the financial analysis process. Errors are inevitable when analysts manually read figures from financial statements and key them into a spreadsheet. FetchXL virtually eliminates data entry errors, resulting in more accurate analysis.

- Employ the most current information available. Information is a perishable commodity. Having access to the most current of financial information, particularly in the context of historical and projected financial performance, creates an advantage in the marketplace. The turnaround time between the filing date and the moment a record is entered into the FetchXL dataset is among the fastest in the industry.

- Develop projections in the context of historical data. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. However, past performance is the perfect context for evaluating projections. Comparing projections to historical performance provides a wise "sanity check" and allows an analyst to evaluate the projected deviations from historical results.

About FetchXL
FetchXL is taking the paper out of financial analysis by providing analysts with an intuitive method of accessing a vast collection of financial data using Microsoft® Excel. Founded in 2005, FetchXL, LLC is committed to maximizing analyst productivity by delivering data retrieval solutions that are both highly usable and powerful.

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