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JK Harris Helps Wipe Away Debt for Florida Resident

James Smith never thought he'd have to take a job delivering bakery goods to make ends meet. Then again, he never thought he'd pile up more than $22,000 in back taxes, either. Thanks to JK Harris, the nation's largest tax resolution firm, Smith is sleeping a whole lot better today after settling with the IRS for $720.

North Charleston, SC (PRWEB) November 30, 2005 -- After the retail industry failed James Smith, the Brandon, Fla., native was forced to take a job delivering bakery goods just to try and make ends meet. While he knew it would be a struggle to make a living, he never could have imagined a $22,000-plus tax bill to go along with his new job.

That’s the situation Smith found himself in after a career as a visual merchandiser failed in New York State and he was forced to look for any work he could find to support himself. Never did he think he would end up needing the services of JK Harris & Company, LLC, to help him 10 years later with a bill to the IRS for $22,645.37.

Smith decided to take a job making $250 a week delivering goods for a bakery store when his previous job didn’t pan out. He would have to take the taxes out himself, which he understood and didn’t have any problem doing. What he didn’t think he’d have to do, however, was prove that he didn’t own the bakery that he was now employed him. Because he collected the money from the customers and signed documents for the business, the IRS assumed he was the owner of the store.

“(IRS) They took my bank accounts, I couldn’t write checks, put a lien on my home -- they ruined my life,” Smith said. “A friend of mine was watching television one day and saw an ad for JK Harris. He thought they might be able to help me.”

So, Smith scheduled an appointment with a JK Harris representative in Florida and decided to put his trust in the nation’s largest tax resolution firm. He says he couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

“(JK Harris) They did in eight months, what I had tried to do for 10 years,” Smith said. “From the first day I met JK Harris, I just had this feeling they were going to take care of my dilemma.”

Smith said that the pressure from the IRS was immense as he received threatening letters and phone calls. He even got his employer to write a letter explaining to the IRS who the rightful owner of the business was, but still came up empty.

“I could tell JK Harris really cared and really wanted to help,” Smith said. “When I found out my Offer in Compromise was accepted, I read the letter two or three times because I couldn’t believe it.”

The IRS will accept an Offer In Compromise (OIC) when it is unlikely that the tax liability can be collected in full and the amount offered reasonably reflects collection potential. The ultimate goal is a compromise which is in the best interest of the taxpayer and the IRS. Acceptance of an adequate offer will also result in creating, for the taxpayer, an expectation of a fresh start toward complying with all future filing and payment requirements.

Smith’s offer of $720 was accepted once JK Harris made the case for him.

“Thanks to JK Harris, I finally have been able to resolve a tax problem after 10 years,” Smith said. “I wish I had contracted with them sooner.

JK Harris & Company, LLC, based in North Charleston, S.C., is the nation’s largest tax resolution firm and has served over 175,000 customers since its founding in 1997 by John K. Harris. JK Harris consultants are available to meet with consumers in over 450 locations nationwide by appointment only. The company also provides services for consumer and commercial debt, student loan debt, investment fraud, financial planning, tax return preparation, and audit representation.

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