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Financial Services Authority Insurance

The Financial Services Authority has insurances that cover all sorts of issues affecting more than 800 regulated entities. Some of the insurances that the FSA covers include general insurance, life insurance, composite firms, reinsurances and insurance brokers operating. It also offers a central position of connection for external stakeholders and organizes their work on assurance. It also has the perfect mixture of staff, training and the necessary programs.

The first important function of the Insurance Sector Team is to recognize up and coming insurance risks and organize solutions to mitigate these. The Sector Team works closely with several different insurance supervisor groups, which ensures that the FSA is committed to work hard. Part of the Sector Team comes from the intelligence division, which includes insurance Grey Panthers (ex-industry players). The Sector Team owns a wide network of associates within the business. The second important function is the responsibility to represent the Financial Services Authority in wide range dealing with external venture capital. The Sector Team also has a developing and fortifying role within the existing relationships and the search for new contacts. The stakeholder includes: the media, trade associations, professional bodies (Institute and Faculty of Actuaries) and the CII, the political community, International regulators and international bodies and Analysts and rating agencies.

The last area that the Sector Team covers is the review of the consistency of the necessities and rules of the FSA, as they stand on the insurance division.

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