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Bridgeway is flourishing speedily and developing in its sector. It serves as an investment advisor in order to provide investors with a smart method of recognizing hold in low esteem situations. 
Bridgeway Small-Cap Value investment seeks to provide long-term total return of capital, primarily through capital appreciation. The fund typically invests at least 80 percent of assets in small-cap value stocks. It defines small-cap stocks as companies smaller than the largest 500 companies in the U.S.
Bridgeway Aggressive Investors 1 is an investment that seeks to exceed the stock market total return over the long term, assuming a level of risk roughly equal to that of the stock market. The fund may hold some stocks that pay high dividends, but it typically has a lower dividend yield than the stock market as a whole. The fund normally invests close to 100 percent of the value of assets in common stocks. It may employ leverage. When selecting securities, the fund evaluates companies based on factors that include earnings history, market capitalization, and liquidity. The fund reserves the right to invest in convertible securities and warrants. It may use various hedging techniques.
Bridgeway Ultra-Small Company investment seeks total return. The fund ordinarily invests at least 80 percent of assets in companies that fall within the smallest 10 percent of companies on the New York Stock Exchange in terms of market capitalization. It may invest up to 10 percent of assets in foreign securities, including American depositary receipts. The fund's investments consist primarily of common stocks, but may also include warrants, convertible securities, and high-quality debt securities.
The Bridgway Large-Cap Value Fund seeks to provide capital appreciation and some income. The fund will typically invest more than 80 percent of assets in companies that are in the large-cap value category at the time of purchase. The median company size in the Bridgeway large-cap universe was 8.9 billion dollars. These include companies with a larger market capitalization than 3.6 billion dollars.
Bridgeway Ultra-Small Company Market Fund seeks to duplicate the total return for the CRSP Cap-Based Portfolio 10 Index by investing in a representative sample of index companies. The fund invests primarily in the index, which is comprised of all common stocks listed on the New York and American stock exchanges and NASDAQ, which are the size of stocks in the smallest 10 percent of the New York Stock Exchange.

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