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California Investment Trust

The objective of the company is to maximize your returns as an investor. The company was founded in 1985 and continues its tradition of combining client centered service with cost efficient investment management. The company features a diversified pool of low cost, no load mutual funds providing an easy, affordable and practical way to invest in a broad spectrum of funds. Over the years, they have established well documented expertise in the field of fixed income, specifically California municipal bonds, as well as equity index funds. Their single point of contact service model gives you the service that you need, when you need it, in a simple and straightforward manner. There are no assurances that CCM Partners, LP, or California Investment Trust Fund Group will be able to meet this investment objective. Other fees and expenses do apply to a continued investment in the Funds and are described in each fund's current prospectus.
California investment mutual funds are available to Individuals, Trusts, Businesses, Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans, 401k, and Financial Advisors. Additionally, CCM Partners, the advisor to California Investment Trust Fund Group, now offers investment policy consulting and investment analysis through its Private Client Group. The California Investment Trust Fund Group features a diversified pool of low cost, no load mutual funds. Historically, Index Funds have been shown to out-perform the majority of actively managed funds over long periods of time. Their core service offerings include, California Investment Trust is a pure no load mutual fund company. The company combines passive equity with active fixed income investment strategies in order to provide core investment portfolios. Their twelve mutual funds cover each primary asset class. Whether you want to target a specific asset class or build a diversified portfolio, you can count on their funds to provide asset class purity, sound investment fundamentals and extremely low expense ratios. It separates California Investment Trust Fund Group from the competition. They think it’s their single point of contact service model
Their San Francisco headquarters give them a tremendous advantage in building close working relationships with clients. They offer personalized plan design to meet your present and future needs. With comprehensive plan testing, IRS filings and on-going support for their plans, they deliver on the services you need be it Plan Design Consulting, Profit Sharing Plans, 401(k) Plans, Defined Benefit Plans and Complete Administration Services.
If you are looking for a conservative stock fund,  this California Investment Trust may be right for you. You should be comfortable with the changing values of the stock market and the risk that your investment could decline in value. Your investment time frame should be long term in nature.

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