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Oberweis Asset Management is recognized as a leading small company stock specialist and is solely a small and mid-sized growth stock advisor. The company utilizes a unique, style-consistent investment approach, which allows OAM to target exceptionally fast growing small-cap stocks.

Nearly all of OAM's resources are dedicated to identifying and managing rapidly growing micro, small and mid-cap growth companies. The portfolio management team with 18 years of small growth experience serves as analysts improving the quality and quantity of company specific information. The portfolio management team is supported by a research analyst who acts a decision support mechanism for the Oberweis Octagon; the initial qualitative and quantitative factors that cull the universe of micro, small, and mid-cap companies down to a list of rapidly growing companies selling at reasonable valuations. OAM will then evaluate the quality of each company in our small cap universe.

Oberweis Mutual funds such as Emerging Growth Fund normally invests at least 90 percent of its assets in the securities of relatively small companies with a market capitalization of less than 1 billion dollars at the time of investment which meet the Oberweis Octagon investment criteria. By investing in the stocks of small-sized companies, those with capitalizations under 1billion dollars, the Oberweis Small-Cap Growth Fund helps investors capitalize on the exceptional growth potential of fast-growing emerging companies in the rapid expansion phase of their lifecycle.

The Micro-Cap Fund, under normal circumstances, invests at least 80 percent of its net assets in the securities of very small companies with a market capitalization of 250 million dollars or less at the time of the investment which meet the Oberweis Octagon investment criteria. This is an effort to capture the exceptional growth potential of emerging companies in the earliest and most dynamic phase of their development. The Fund will notify shareholders of the Micro-Cap Fund at least 60 days before making any change in the Fund's 80 percent investment policy.

Oberweis believes that investing in a diversified portfolio of well selected high-growth companies, purchased at reasonable valuations, will produce superior long-term performance for their clientele and thus pursue their investment plans with dedication and due diligence.

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