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The Olstein Financial Alert Fund’s value oriented approach seeks the investors with a longer-term investment outlook of at least 3 to 5 years. The Fund believes in a disciplined, patient approach because anticipated stock values often take time to emerge.
The Fund seeks to invest in a diversified portfolio of under-valued equity securities as determined by the investment manager of the Fund, Olstein & Associates. The manager believes that achieving investment objectives is correlated with minimizing investment errors as opposed to selecting companies with the highest appreciation potential without regard to downside risk.  The philosophy emphasizes a detailed look behind the numbers of a company's financial statement to assess the company's financial strength and assess potential downside risk.
The Fund invests in companies without regard to whether they are conventionally categorized as small, medium, or large capitalization or whether they are characterized such as growth, cyclical, technology, or any other category. Similarly it does not focus on characteristics such as number of years in business, sensitivity economic cycles, industry categorization, or the volatility of a company's stock price.
The Fund is available in two share classes.   The Class C share is the Fund's original share class, which has been available since the Fund's inception in 1995. It is available either directly or through financial professionals. The Fund's Adviser Class share is only available through financial advisors and brokerage programs that charge an annual asset-based fee for their services and with 401k plans. It is not available for sale directly to the public. 

The shares of the Olstein Financial Alert Fund are offered to investors through financial professionals such as brokers, advisers and fee-based financial planners. You can purchase shares of the Fund directly, but they believe financial professionals can offer consistent, sound advice for structuring your investment goals to meet your long-term objectives.   They maintain a close relationship with the financial professionals who offer the Fund so that they, and their clients, stay informed and up-to-date on the Fund.

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