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Paradigm Funds

The Paradigm invests only with funds which have been identified as a developed, sophisticated, risk-controlled investment strategy and have clearly illustrated their superior analytical and trading abilities through consistent positive performance. The Paradigm Fund accesses management capabilities often only available to institutions with high minimum investments required. We currently have over 12 funds in the portfolio with over 70 underling investments.
The Investment Strategy and Methodology for the Paradigm Fund focuses on a portfolio of complementary fund of fund investment managers. The portfolio will be diversified across as many alternatives, evade, whiz fund management strategies as possible. They will include managers & funds whose focus is to maximize risk-adjusted total returns whilst maintaining long-term capital appreciation. Low correlation of performance between the funds selected is taken into an account. Passive management of the portfolio with the inclusion of additional managers and or funds, provided their risk adjusted performance will enhance the over all risk adjusted performance of the fund.
The fund seeks to achieve superior level of return through a combination of current income and capital appreciation. To establish a list of target investments they look for funds that have very consistent, good returns with low volatility over one, 3 and 5 year periods. They also look for funds whose strategies complement one another in terms of overall risk and return. They spend a great deal of time understanding the underlying investment strategy and learning how the manager reaches their objectives. When choosing funds, they try to negotiate the lowest possible fee structures, while not compromising performance objectives. 

They closely monitor the performance and management of the investment to ensure that they are meeting their objectives. Utilizing their selected funds, they then create a fund-of-funds structure that offers maximum diversified risk across a number of exceptionally qualified fund managers. Understanding that specific strategies perform better under certain market conditions, paradigm regularly adjusts the weightings of each sub-fund to optimize performance.

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