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Pax World

Pax World was established in 1971.It enables investors to align their financial goals with their personal values through a selection of professionally managed socially responsible mutual funds. They screen companies not only by their investment potential but also by standards of social responsibility.
At Pax World, they seek to invest in companies that provide goods and services that improve the quality of life. They favor companies that rate positively on all of their social screens. It is their policy not to invest in companies that make defense or weapons-related products or that derive revenue from the manufacture of tobacco, alcohol, or gambling products. They seek companies that treat their employees and the environment with care and respect.
The company follows 4 fund policies Pax World Balanced Fund was the 1 mutual fund to adopt broad socially responsible standards for its investments, thus pioneering the idea of a mutual fund with a conscience. It was the 18th best performing balanced fund among the 182 funds. It invests in a mix of stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents. The Fund adjusts to invest not more than 75 percent of its assets in stocks at any time. It primarily seeks income and capital preservation and secondarily seeks capital growth.
The Pax World Growth Fundseeks long-term growth of capital from a diversified portfolio of stocks of large, mid-size, and small companies. The fast-growing companies favored by the Fund typically reinvest their earnings in expansion, acquisitions, or research and development, rather than paying earnings out as dividends to shareholders, so the Growth Fund provides little if any current income. To increase diversification, the Growth Fund may invest up to 25 percent of its assets in foreign companies. It invests mostly in the stocks of small- to mid-cap companies. Its portfolio managers search out growth issues, not just among U.S. equities, but internationally as well.
The Pax World High Yield Fund's primary investment objective is to seek high current income. The fund will also seek capital appreciation as a secondary objective.
Money Market Fundseeks to maximize current income while maintaining both liquidity and a stable share price. The Fund is designed to meet the short-term investment needs of socially responsible investors. 

Pax World challenges companies to reach for a higher base line and offers investors the opportunity to do well while doing well.

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