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Payden & Rygel was founded in 1983.It is one of the largest, privately owned global investment managers, with more than 50 billion dollars in assets under management. The firm is a leader in the active management of fixed-income and equity portfolios for a diversified client base.Payden & Rygel advises corporations, foundations and endowments, pension plans, public funds, and individual investors on their overall investment strategies.
Payden & Rygel is recognized for its investment strategies in both global fixed-income and equity on every level of the risk/reward continuum. These strategies are available via the Payden funds family of no load, low expense, and stock and bond mutual funds.
The Payden Funds comprises of the Bunker Hill Money Market Fund which seeks to provide current income and daily liquidity while maintaining a stable share price of 1.00 dollars. The fund invests in high quality, short-term securities such as U.S. government securities, domestic and foreign corporate notes, commercial paper, asset-backed and repurchase agreements. The securities are denominated in U.S. dollars and have a minimum short-term rating.
The Payden Core Bond Fundemploys a disciplined investment strategy that focuses on solid investment-grade corporate and government bonds.
Payden European Growth Fund is a broad-based growth fund that concentrates on all industry sectors in the European region. It is a fund with an overweight in small-cap and midcap stocks. The fund strategists select long-term growth companies with innovative products and services.
Payden Market Return Fund is actively manages an enhanced index strategy. The fund seeks to outperform the 500 index by limiting deviations from index returns. It achieves its objective by investing in a combination of U.S. equity derivatives and short-term bonds. Bond investments are made in government, corporate, mortgage, and asset-backed securities.
The firm’s family of low expense, stock funds is designed as investment vehicles for U.S. investors looking to diversify their portfolios with European and international equities. Payden Funds are managed by a firm that has daily analyzed and monitored European markets for nearly 5 decades. The strategists conduct fundamental and objective research through their intimate knowledge of international markets and close ties with companies in the region. 

The firm's team approach, risk management and proprietary research have resulted in consistent fund performance in virtually every market condition.

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