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Wells Fargo Advantage

Wells Fargo Advantage Fund was founded in 1852 to serve the banking and express needs of a vibrant, expanding nation. The company distinguished itself by partnering with local specialists to build a reliable team for the safe delivery of people and their valuables to distant destinations.  Wells Fargo still maintains this early commitment to integrity and service.
Wells Fargo Advantage Fund provides a broad family of mutual funds for individuals and institutions. They offer funds in every key category, each guided by skillful money managers who have been chosen because of their focused attention to a particular investment style. The company has developed a highly disciplined selection process applied to both internal and external managers looking to partner with managers who share the dedication to seeking consistent, long-term results for investors.

This process is shaped by their core principles of sound judgment, steady guidance, and solid partnerships. The company believes that their insistence on seeking outstanding, independent money managers, who are backed by the distinguished heritage of Wells Fargo, offers investors the firm yet flexible footing they need to navigate today's investment terrain and move forward to their financial destinations.

There are many types of mutual fund such as Wells Fargo Advantage Asset Alloc Adm, Wells Fargo Advantage C&B Lrg Cap Val A, Wells Fargo Advantage C&B Mid Cap Val A and Wells Fargo Advantage CA Ltd-Term T/F A

Wells Fargo Advantage Asset Allocation Fund seeks long-term total return consistent with reasonable risk. The fund pursues an asset-allocation strategy. The equity portion consists of nearly all the stocks in the S&P 500 in approximately the same weighting as in the index. The fund's bond portion generally maintains an average maturity of 20 years or more. The money market portion is generally comprised of high-quality instruments. The fund's neutral target allocation is 60 percent equity securities and 40 percent fixed-income securities.
The investment seeks long-term total return, consistent with minimal risk to capital. The fund invests primarily in large-capitalization securities, defined as securities of companies with market capitalizations of 1 billion dollars or more. It also seeks total return by targeting companies believed to be undervalued, possesses strong financial positions and has a consistency and predictability in their earnings growth. 

Since the early years many individuals and events have played major roles in shaping The Company’s history. And the company that was founded in 1852 has grown into a thriving global investment management complex renowned the world over today.

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