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DLB Fund Group

David L. Babson and Company is counselor of DLB Mutual Investments. David L. Babson Capital Management is an entrepreneurial investment firm focused on creating innovative investment strategies and solutions for sophisticated investors. They offer the marketplace a unique yet complete collection of investment solutions.
The roots of Babson Capital trace back to a partnership of two great companies David L. Babson and Company, incorporation an equity investment advisory firm established in 1940, and the Mass Mutual Investment Management Division, a predominantly fixed income and real estate debt manager. 
The company  serves as  an investment advisor or financier to ultra-high net worth individuals and institutions such as Corporate and public pensions, Endowments and foundations, Insurance companies and banks, Large family offices, Hedge funds, Other capital markets participants.
Mass Mutual Premier fund seeks long term capital appreciation. They normally invests minimum of 90 percent of total assets in equity securities. They will invest in a minimum of 30 issuers organized, headquartered or having a substantial portion of their assets in or deriving a substantial portion of their revenues from countries appearing in the European, Australia and Far East Index. The fund may invest up to 10 percent of total assets in options, warrants, convertible securities and fixed income securities and up to 10 percent in the equity securities of a single issuer. They may not maintain a cash position of more than 10 percent of total assets, other than short-term cash positions resulting from subscriptions or redemptions made by fund shareholders. The fund may hedge no more than 10 percent of assets into U.S. dollars other than in connection with subscriptions or redemptions made by fund shareholders. 
MassMutual Premier Mid Cap Value fund seeks long-term capital appreciation. The fund seeks to achieve its objective by outperforming the Russell Mid Cap Value Index, while taking a low risk approach to mid cap investments. They normally invests at least 80 percent of net assets in the securities of companies whose market capitalizations at the time of purchase by the fund are within the range of capitalization of companies included in the Russell Mid Cap Value Index. 
The components that result in today's Babson Capital have brought with them similar investment heritages. Joined together, they represent a shared philosophy that places an emphasis on inefficient markets and asset classes where manager skill and information make a difference.

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