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Dodge and Cox

In 1930, Van Duyn Dodge and E. Morris Cox formed a partnership to provide investment counsel. The principles which they established remain in place today: A long-term investment horizon; individual security selection grounded by the relationship of fundamentals to price; and portfolio diversification.
Three factors which distinguish Dodge & Cox from other asset managers are: independence, longevity and a clearly defined, consistently applied investment philosophy. Their independence as a firm means that decisions are made exclusively for the benefit of their clients. Their longevity and solid record of performance support the expectation that they can continue to produce lasting value in a wide range of market environments.
They offer a simple, low-cost way to own a broadly diversified portfolio of stocks and   fixed-income securities. Their objective such as Long-term growth of principal and income and their Strategy the Fund invests primarily in a broadly diversified portfolio of common stocks.
The Fund's total returns include the reinvestment of dividend and capital gain distributions, but have not been adjusted for any income taxes payable by shareholders on these distributions. Dodge & Cox Balanced Fund seeks long-term growth income and conservation of principal.
Dodge & Cox seeks income consistent with long-term preservation of capital; capital appreciation is a secondary consideration. The fund normally invests in a diversified portfolio of high-quality bonds and other fixed-income securities, including U.S. government obligations, mortgage- and asset-backed securities, corporate bonds, collateralized mortgage obligations.
Dodge & Cox International Stock seeks long-term growth of principal and income. The fund will generally invest at least 80 percent of its assets in a diversified portfolio of equity securities issued by non-U.S. companies from at least three different countries, including emerging markets.
Dodge & Cox Stock seeks long-term growth of principal and income; current income is a secondary consideration. In selecting investments, the fund invests in companies that appear to be temporarily undervalued by the stock market but have a favorable outlook for long-term growth. The fund intends to remain fully invested in equities with at least 80 percent of assets in common stocks. They may invest in preferred stocks and convertibles. The fund may invest up to 20 percent of assets in American Depositary Receipts. Management seeks companies with financial strength and a sound economic background.

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