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Rochdale Investments is proving financial services, variety of mutual funds since from 1986.
Rochdale Fund Family provides different mutual funds such as Atlas Fund, Dividend & Income Fund, Intermediate Fixed Income Fund, Rochdale Large Value Fund and many more. The Rochdale Atlas Fund seeks capital appreciation. The fund normally invests primarily in equity securities of foreign companies, including those in emerging markets. It invests a minimum of 40 percent of assets in securities of foreign developed markets. The fund may also invest in options, futures, and other types of derivatives, as well as country funds, as a way to adjust its exposure to various securities, markets and currencies. 
The Rochdale Dividend & Income Fund seeks to provide income and long-term capital appreciation. The fund primarily invests in income-generating securities, including dividend- paying equity and fixed income securities. Generally, the fund will invest at least 50 percent of assets in dividend-paying equity securities. It may invest up to 25 percent of assets in dividend and income generating foreign securities, including those of emerging markets. The fund may invest in both investment grade and non-investment grade securities, and investments may include both rated and unrated securities.
Rochdale Intermediate Fixed Income Fund seeks current income. The fund invests in debt obligations of government and corporate issuers that provide an attractive rate of current income. It looks to have an average maturity and duration between 3 to 10 years. The fund will invest at least 65 percent of assets in highly rated debt instruments.
Rochdale Large Growth Fund seeks long-term growth of capital. The fund invests in large U.S. companies with market capitalization of at least 10 billion. It looks for growth companies that have steady growth earnings and are priced higher relative to their book value. The fund uses an active disciplined approach investing only in the top companies within the growth industry.
Rochdale Large Value Fund seeks long-term growth of capital. The fund invests in value style equity securities. It invests in large U.S. companies with a market capitalization of at least 10 billion. The Advisor uses fundamental criteria to identify the most attractive value companies. The fund uses an active disciplined approach investing only in top companies within the different value industries.
Rochdale carefully designed the Rochdale Funds with the goal of providing tax-efficient, style-consistent, targeted asset class returns with managed risk.  They believe this is the most efficient means to capture asset class returns that are the foundation for achieving long-term goals within an asset allocation strategy.

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