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Rockland Funds Trust

Richard H. Gould, CFA, CMT, has managed the Rockland Small Cap Growth Fund since its inception on December 2, 1996. Mr. Gould managed the Fund at Greenville Asset Management from inception through March 31, 2004. On April 1, 2004, Richard H. Gould, Sanjay Upadhyaya and Linn Morrow lifted out from Greenville Capital Management and founded Gould Investment Partners LLC. In April 2004, the Rockland Funds Trust Independent Board of Directors elected to retain Richard Gould as the investment advisor tothe Rockland Small Cap Growth Fund, and the Rockland Funds Trust management contract was transferred to Gould Investment Partners.

The Rockland Small Cap Growth Fund invests primarily in a diversified portfolio of common stocks with small market capitalizations at the time of purchase that Rockland believes possess earnings prospects that have been underestimated by Wall Street analysts. Small capitalization companies are defined as those companies with market capitalizations varies between 100 million dollar to 2 billion dollar at time of purchase. The investment objective of the fund is to seek capital appreciation.

Rockland seeks to make investments in growth stocks with an emphasis on those companies whose growth potential has been overlooked by Wall Street. Rockland 's general approach is to take advantage of investment and trading opportunities that investors might not otherwise have the time, expertise or inclination to exploit themselves.

Rockland evaluates a company's fundamental and technical prospects using information and analyses from numerous sources at the time of investments..  It evaluates a company's sales and earnings growth; earnings power, trends and predictability; industry, economic and political trends; relative valuation; and liquidity; to determine whether the security has the growth potential suitable for the fund.

The Rockland Fund invests primarily in high quality small capitalization companies that are growing earnings substantially faster than the underlying market. They are particularly interested in those companies that are rapidly gaining market share due to a sustainable and prorietary edge over the competition.
This advantage could be the result of better products, new marketing muscle, superior distribution and incentives to management.

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